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About Premium Center

Premium Center Services Your Future Success

Premium Services is designed to serve the UAE community. Our prime location in the heart of ‘Old Dubai’ has firmly entrenched our business in the identity and history of the original City of the Future. Establishing our business in Deira, one of Dubai’s oldest neighborhoods, keeps us close to the heritage of the UAE while we bring customer service into the next age.

Premium Services are designed to provide you with effective solutions through a luxurious and effortless process that will simplify even the most complex cases.

With over 70 counters covering all services under Tas-Heel, Dubai Economy, Emirates ID, Dubai Courts, Al-Adheed, our customers enjoy the fast service as we guarantee a wait time of no longer than nine minutes!

Our location also offers more than 100 parking spaces, free of charge for your convenience.

We ensure the continuous monitoring of Happiness Checks at each counter to promptly address any and all customer feedback instantly. We invite our guests to enjoy  a cozy cafe available exclusively for Premium Center's customers within our facility.


Our Core Values

Our core values define who we are and how we work with our clients and partners. Through curiosity, velocity, transparency, integrity, and pride, we go above and beyond to deliver the solutions we have promised.


Our Vision is to be the first choice in providing Government services in the UAE and the region. We are aligned with the vision of Dubai, the city which has set an example for service excellence for countries in the region and beyond.


We are always researching to discover new ways and means of providing excellent services to customers to achieve the desired results. Analyzing customer feedback and improving processes to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Expertise & Skills

Providing Quicker Services, More Flexible Solutions to Help You Succeed.


Our Expertise & Skills to All Business

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