Notary Public Services

Notary Public services in the United Arab Emirates are the services to verify legal documents. It is the very first process indeed. It is required to be done before the process of attestation. Therefore, it is understood that documents must be notarized first and then taken further for any legal attestation.

We provide all types of Notary private public services ranging from

We have been granted the authorization to provide Private Notary services by the Government in Dubai. Depending on the type of document you wish to notarize or authenticate, you will need to provide copies and the original counterparts.

Notary services in Dubai:

An entry permit is issued to a foreigner to enter the UAE to finalize his/her residence visa procedures. In this case, the entry permit is valid for 2 months for normal visas and green residence visas (whose duration is 1 to 5 years) and. 6 months with multiple entries for golden visas.

An entry permit is issued also for short visits to the UAE for a specific purpose like treatment, a mission, tourism, transit, attending an event, visiting a family member, or exploring business or job opportunities. An entry permit issued for these purposes is commonly called a visit visa, a tourist visa, or a transit visa.

Documents Required for entry permit include:

  1. A colour passport photograph.
  2. A colour copies of your passport (must be valid for six months)
  3. A copy of your Emirates flight ticket, or your flight ticket from our codeshare partner.
  4. The visa application form.

The resident visa is issued for 2 years, and upon its expiry, you will be able to renew it without limitations on the number of times it can be renewed. If you have a resident visa, you are entitled to permanent residence in the UAE. In addition, you may obtain a visa for immediate family members: wife/husband and children under 18 years old. In order to maintain a resident visa, you are required to enter the Emirates at least one time every six months.

Family visas are dependent on the sponsor, so if the sponsor’s visa expires or is canceled, then the family visas will be void.

The requirement to Sponsor Someone for a UAE Family Visa

To be able to sponsor family members to AUE, you must fulfill the following conditions:

Male expatriates must have a minimum salary of AED 4,000 per month or AED 3000 per month plus accommodation.

Female expatriates must have a minimum monthly salary of 10,000 or AED 8,000 plus accommodation.

Teachers, doctors, engineers, or equivalent. He/she must have a minimum salary of AED 5,000.

Additionally, all family members who are over 18 must pass a medical fitness test taken at a government-approved health center in the UAE. They will be tested for HIV and Tuberculosis.


Documents Required for Family Visa application include:

UAE Visa application form

Passport copies of the family members being sponsored.

Passport-size pictures of the family members being sponsored.

Medical clearance certificate for any family member over the age of 18

Copy of the sponsor’s employment contract or company contract

Proof of the monthly salary the sponsor earns.

The legalized marriage certificate.

Proof of accommodation, such as the registered tenancy contract

Who can benefit from notary services in Dubai?

 Any foreign individual or company with establishments in Dubai looking to seal and close certain contracts or dealings can solicit notary services in this city.  Attesting documents and authenticating signatures are involved in most of the transactions in Dubai, therefore, one can ask our Dubai attorneys for legal support in matters of notary services.


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